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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What advice would you now give to someone writing his/her first scientific paper?

I think, I will write this blog about everything. This class was great. This class helped to become a better writer. My advice that going to be writing his/her first scientific paper would be, chose something that you have interest in, do a thorough research about the topic, chose a reliable source, don’t forget to use text citation and full citation. The important thing would be know your reader, keep them engage throughout the paper that they can leave still wanted more.
Thank you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

With your paper done or almost done, how do you feel !!

It feels pretty good to be done with the paper. It feels like a huge accomplishment. Paper looks good to me so let’s hope it will get me good grades too. Now that it’s done, I can finally relax and try to have some fun which is over-due, but I don’t think I can relax till I get my result. 
Thank you.

Friday, December 3, 2010

How do you feel about the comments, or lack of comments, that have been made to your blog posts?

Hi everyone,
Last week was a little emotional week. I was so nervous so post my paper. How I would feel if someone gave me a bad review because this is my baby. Your baby is always perfect in your eyes. But then after posting the paper, there was a disappointment, no one was reading my paper. I had to wait whole week for someone to read my paper, “please someone read my paper and tell me that you liked it”. I don’t know why no one wanted to read my paper. I had the same experience in my last class too; no one wanted to read my paper. Is something wrong with me, why no one likes me when I am so nice with everyone else? I always try to be friendly and always try to reach out to others, made me a little sad but I guess there is nothing you can do. This class is almost over and we will just move on to other. 
Have a great week everyone!