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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How I feel about being an online student

I have been thinking to go to school for many years, but I was always too busy to take the time out for myself and do something for myself. I wanted to feel good about myself, have some confidence, and get a better paying job. I did some research about different universities that which one will fit better with my working schedule and while I was doing my research, I checked some of online universities too. Kaplan University fit the best with my busy life style. I talked with the Academic Advisor. I wanted to choose a degree which was available online. I register for the classes. I was so scared to go back to school after a long time. I did not have enough confidence in myself. I did not know how I will do in school? Am I going to get good grades? But now I love it, my GPA is 4.00 so far, it’s so easy, I mean it’s hard to finish all your writing but still it is so easy to fit this in your schedule. Discussions boards are a great way to keep the community close. I find it very easy to talk with all my classmates.
So far I don’t have any ideas to bring the class community closer, maybe if we make groups in class and do home work together or do brainstorming together for our writing projects. But I don’t know how it will fit in everyone schedule, but it’s an idea that we can try.  
Thank you


  1. Fariha - I like the idea of breaking the class into smaller groups for certain types of work - APA in particular. Your brainstorming idea is a good one as well. I agree that scheduling may be an issue, but it could be done via chat, etc.

  2. Hi Fariah,

    I love being an online student, I use to doubt myself at first too. I have a good GPA here at Kaplan. What term are in you? I am in my 4th and I graduate next year. I wish you the best during your endeavors