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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What would you do if someone used something you created without giving you credit?

Anything and everything needs credit. If we cook something really yummy, we want others to appreciate it that how good it was and they have never eaten anything delicious then this. That’s how all other things are, your art work, your article or book that you put your soul in to write it, and your ideas. We need to give credit where it’s due. We just cannot make it our own. If someone stole my idea and got rich with it, I would be mad as hell. Now I know, I have problem showing my angry side and I have a problem putting it in words but I will be mad that how could you do this to me, instead of giving me credit you made it your own. Thanks but no thanks…right.  


  1. You make a good point, because sometimes -- what can be done?

  2. Hey Fariha! First...sorry for making you cry when you read my blog about my son, but I AM glad that it touched you. I don't REALLY hate him, and he knows that...I just hate the things he does and who he "is" right now. I love my son, but I don't like Aaron, if that makes sense! Believe me, I pray every day.
    But yes, give credit where credit is due! My boss at my last job of 10 years was a complete JERK and took credit for every single thing I did! He owns 2 convenience stores and I managed one of them...ran the entire store...was responsible for EVERYTHING while he did nothing but take the money to the bank. The best example I can think of to explain how he took credit for MY work would have to be when I would catch people stealing. I never caught any shoplifters...it was always people who worked in the store. I would get suspicious, start tracking them and their sales and stuff, and then BINGO I would figure it out. My boss would call the police, and I would show the police all of my evidence and explain everything, and then my boss would later BRAG how he, "Caught another one stealing." He'd say things like, "Oh, I was watching that employee for quite a while, but what he didn't realize is that I'm too smart to not figure out what they're doing." GRRRRR I would alwyas be standing off to the side...hearing this stuff come out of my boss's mouth...FURIOUS because he did NOTHING to catch these theives and we both knew it! But...what could I do? :(

  3. Hi Candi,
    Yes a lot of time our boss take credit of our work because they think this is part of our duty and that's what they are paying us for.....
    And I know you love your son...how could you not...you gave him life:) and he knows you love him too because he said that before leaving:)
    Thank you

  4. If I worked on something that I put a lot of effort into, and someone else took the credit for it I would be quite disappointed. I have had that happen to me, but I find it's my word against theirs.