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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Past Six Weeks!!

The past six weeks have been pretty interesting. Some time it feels like a roller-coaster ride, the struggle, disappointment, happiness, and stress that comes with it throughout the term. I have always struggles with writing. It’s not me. I am a person who always had a hard time conveying my feelings through words, so this class has been a little challenge. When this term started, I took the Prof. Peter’s seminar. I really liked what he said that if you have a paper due at the end of any term, start your research today and start writing your paper from this week. Write 5 minutes a day, finish your paper as early as possible that way you will have enough time throughout your term to twit it. So I just did that. I wrote my rough draft weeks ago and have been working on it to make it better. But I have been dying for someone to read it and tell me how I did. I am glad that I did it early as I am not stressing myself right now.
 All this stress and hard work makes it a worthwhile in a sense. I am keeping my eyes on the finish line with the reward “my degree”.


  1. I completely agree with you...keep your eyes on the reward at the end, your degree! It's so hard to stay focused sometimes, especially when the work/assignments seem so overwhelming. Sometimes I'd rather throw in the towel and say, "Ta heck with this!", but I keep reminding myself why I chose to go back to school...a better life for me and my kids. ~Candi