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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Going back to school have given me a new meaning to life!

School has given me a new meaning to life. I mean, I was getting to a point where I needed something new in my life. I needed a new direction in life and going back to school was too scary. How I would feel sitting with teenagers? How embarrassing it would be if I don’t know the answer or need to ask for help? This entire question kept me away from school for a long time, but going back to school was the best thing, I did in my life.
 Online school is so great, yeah you have a lot of homework to do but still easy to fit it into your busy schedule. It gave me confidence. I feel so happy. I have something to talk about with other people. It has totally changed my life. I am never bore any more. I always have something to do now. Something to look forward too. 

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